• Where do our plants come from?

    This is a question we get frequently, and a good one at that. Some of our plants start their life in the hands of someone else before being grown on our farm and eventually offered for sale. This is especially true with patented cultivars. We also propagate many plants ourselves by taking divisions, rooting cuttings, or germinating seed taken from our personal collection. We never sell plants that have been illegally harvested or removed from any land that is not ours. By supporting us and other legitimate growers, you are supporting the sustainable practice of propagating plants.

  • Dormancy & Pot Sizes

    We sell and ship year-round. This means that if you buy a plant during the winter months, there is a good chance the plant will be dormant. Perennials that die back completely are temporarily removed from our inventory until new growth appears in spring. After all, receiving plants in the mail should be exciting - and there's nothing more boring than receiving a pot of soil!

    Pot sizes vary depending on the plant. Please reference the photo showing our most common pot sizes.

    If you have any questions, please reach out to us!

  • Pot Size Comparison
  • Shipping & Returns

    Shipping cost is calculated at checkout.

    We ship year-round! If a plant is in stock, it will ship within 1 week. We send shipments on Mondays or Tuesdays to ensure arrival the same week. Orders will ship via USPS Priority Mail or UPS Ground.

    If you are not happy with the plants you received, please contact us. We will do our best to make it right.

    ​NOTE: Some plants cannot be shipped to certain states. This is noted in the item description.
    Sorry, we do not ship to Hawaii or outside the U.S. at this time.

  • Upon Receipt

    When you receive your plant(s), open the package immediately. We secure your order as best as possible to reduce any damage during shipping.

    If the soil is dry, water it with room temperature water. Slowly adjust the plant(s) to light and climate to reduce shock.

    NOTE: Per USDA regulations, we are required to treat our plants for Imported Fire Ants. Do not consume any part of a plant until established.