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Dionaea muscipula 'King Henry'

Dionaea muscipula 'King Henry'

Venus Fly Trap

Item #: 5210
Zones: 5-9
Height: 2-6 Inches
Exposure: Full Sun
Family: Droseraceae
Native: North America
Pot Size: 3.5 Inch


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Nothing delights the kids that visit our farm more than this fly trap - and a good number of adults too! We love it for its large, prolific traps and watermelon hues. They have the added benefit of helping us out with insect control in the greenhouse.

If you're new to growing fly traps, here are some tips: keep the pot in a centimeter of distilled water, don't use any fertilizer, and keep in a sunny location like a windowsill.

The 'King Henry' cultivar was introduced by Don Elkins.