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Lindera benzoin

Lindera benzoin

Northern Spicebush

Item #: 1241
Zones: 4-9
Height: 5-12 Feet
Exposure: Part to Full Shade
Family: Lauraceae
Native: North America
Pot Size: 1 Quart

NOTE: Only female plants will produce fruit. These plants are grown from seed and sex is unknown.

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Spicebush is native to the damp understory of Eastern/Central U.S. woodlands. Female plants have gorgeous glossy red berries in fall, and they're edible! The leaves are a food source for the larvae of spicebush swallowtail butterflies.

This is one of Ashlyn's favorite native edibles! The berries can be picked, dried, and cold stored to use as a spice. It has all the complexities of black pepper, citrus, and allspice. It's also called Appalachian allspice. Spicebush chai, anyone?